Hi my name is frank and I am a developer. What kind of developer? Still figuring that one out, should check my stuff to see what I have done and maybe you can tell me! I like code and design, recently I also like servers!


I do back-end development and front-end. I recently developed a lot of SharePoint solutions in c#/PowerShell now I am a front-end developer for a lawyer firm. Languages I have had the luck of learning, c#, php, python, PowerShell, js, html, css. Command line interfaces and version control I know bash, windows, git and tfs. Frameworks I have used, cakePHP, symphony, react.js, jQuery, sass, pug, vue.js and angular.js.


Learning more react.js and symphony, learning more around testing TDD, using phpSpec and getting into virtualisation and VR technology to bring new experiences.